If you need a home inspection, you don’t want to hire just any home inspector. Not all inspectors are the same, but what separates good inspectors from not-so-good ones?

According to Mike Adomo of Adomo Home Inspections, the biggest difference is experience. It doesn’t take much to become an inspector in California—all you need to do is take a weekend-long course. When it comes to actually doing the job, though, an inspector that’s been in the field for many years, as Mike has, will result in a higher quality of work.

Mike’s been in the construction business since 2004, and the time between then and now has been critical in terms of building his repertoire and learning which items are worth bringing to a buyer’s attention and which aren’t. A good inspector will look for the real issues. You won’t see Mike document a speck of missing caulking, but if he sees some faulty electrical wiring in the attic, that’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

“A good inspector will look for the real issues.”

Additionally, it’s important to note that issues like that aren’t anything to be afraid of. Any information about the house you’re going to buy is good information—the more you can get, the better. Most issues can be fixed during the negotiation process, anyway, and for the majority of home inspections, there’s only $300 or $400 worth of small repairs that need to be done.

If you have any more home inspection questions for Mike, you’re welcome to give him a call at (559) 281-5068.

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